Guidance activate and use an e-mail provided by the school for students

From the date of 26.06.2015, the school will provide the address implemented for all students on the regular system platform Google.

Note: The activation SV main system only applies to students class of 2012 onwards.

Students of science courses 2012,2013,2014 Special training school was created and active.

To use your email account, student account please activate your email as follows:

Account activation instructions Student Email:

Access to Student Information System ( -> Click Menu log

Khi ra màn hình đăng nhập Sinh viên nhập mã sinh viên và mật khẩu vào các ô tương ứng

And click the Login button.

After successful login -> Students click on the Menu "Email Activation"

When the display screen Email activation, students enter the password for your email account (Note: Account used to register students other subjects with SV s email account)

After entering the password for the email account will conduct system initialization Student Email account (Google platform) and will display a message on the screen for students to know the result of the initialization Email

After system initialization result notification, if the results are successful, students can use their email account to communicate with people and with the school.

Guide Login Email account SV:

To use email, student access to the address: and enter the information provided by the school email

Click Next to continue to enter the password (password SV was used to activate Email the Student Information System)

Once successfully logged in -> screen appears terms of use and enter confirmation

Students enter the characters shown above the picture of the picture below and click the button below

After clicking the button below, students who have completed their email access.

Good luck.

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